Firestore: get sub-collection

According to the explanation by the firestore tutorial #1, the data in Firestore is organized in the way:
→ noSQL

\What is a NoSQL Database? How is Cloud Firestore structured? | Get to know Cloud Firestore #1 - YouTube

noSQL in the actual Firestore looks like follows. It is a sequece of collections and documents.

Question: how can I get these multiple collections in AppGyver?
While for the top level (= ‘todos’) the data gets imported nicely, I do not understand how to retrieve the data from the levels below (‘family todos’).

Using the longer path with the Firebase connector results in a Invalid Collection Name, so that is not the right approach :thinking:

Hi, I posted an example of a Composer-friendly approach for nested collections here, hope you find it useful!

Hi Mari,
the linked approach works fine to get all fields from the documents including the type “map” (in the bottom right “AliceToDo”).
But it does not get the data from the sub-collection (in the right area: “familyToDo”)

answer was posted here: