Firestore Not Returning Data

Hello, I am trying to set up Firestore to use with my app because of the changes being made to AppGyver Cloud Storage. I made sure to follow all the steps in the video guide (Google Firebase connector - Composer) and I am not getting any data back when I show a repeated list for a collection as done in the video. My collection is called currentWeek

I have made sure to include the Initialize Firebase node in the Global Canvas, and that is working because I have made it alert “good” when it runs successfully.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Hi @Ishan_Khosla ! If you open your app in the web preview (Launch → Open Web Preview Portal) with the Chrome developer tools’ Network tab open (Option + ⌘ + J on mac, or Shift + CTRL + J on Windows/Linux), do you see any errors there when trying to fetch the collection from Firestore?

@Mari I do not see any errors when looking in the web app preview developer tools. Here is a screenshot of what I see:

Okay, good to know. Do you see a request returning the data that you’d like to display, or is it not being fetched at all?

It was not fetching the data at all, but for now I am using another cloud storage to work around this.

Hi I have exact same problem above. Created sample project as per the video and no data returned. Did you ever work out what the problem was? New to this so perhaps novice error on my part but I have triple checked with the video. Thanks

Hi, I just went through the tutorial and everything seems to work as expected. I would check again that all the required configurations for the Firebase connector are done and that they have correct values, and the “Initialize Firebase” flow function is added on the Global canvas.

Thanks for reply. I put an alert on the getcollection and it was producing error. I’m jus learning from scratch . I created another app and another fire base project and all is working. Even a new app could not connect to original fire base project. Was strange but quicker to start again. Are there any tutorials on how to post to fire base :grin:

Hi, there is only the one tutorial at the moment, but it works with a similar logic than other resources – check out for example these videos on how to work with data in Composer.

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