Firestore Not Returning Data

Hello, I am trying to set up Firestore to use with my app because of the changes being made to AppGyver Cloud Storage. I made sure to follow all the steps in the video guide (Google Firebase connector - Composer) and I am not getting any data back when I show a repeated list for a collection as done in the video. My collection is called currentWeek

I have made sure to include the Initialize Firebase node in the Global Canvas, and that is working because I have made it alert “good” when it runs successfully.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Hi @Ishan_Khosla ! If you open your app in the web preview (Launch → Open Web Preview Portal) with the Chrome developer tools’ Network tab open (Option + ⌘ + J on mac, or Shift + CTRL + J on Windows/Linux), do you see any errors there when trying to fetch the collection from Firestore?

@Mari I do not see any errors when looking in the web app preview developer tools. Here is a screenshot of what I see:

Okay, good to know. Do you see a request returning the data that you’d like to display, or is it not being fetched at all?

It was not fetching the data at all, but for now I am using another cloud storage to work around this.