Firing custom events in different pages

I’m trying to follow the logic in this tutorial but instead of placing the custom event on the same logic canvas as the trigger, I want to place it on another page logic canvas. However, at the moment this isn’t working. I’ve tried the same setup but with predefined events (e.g. an event for an app variable which is changed from another page) and it works well. Is it possible to trigger a custom event in one page from a different page?

I’ve also noticed that regular events (such as app variable changes) are not being triggered unless the page that fired the trigger is exited. Is this intended behaviour or a bug? I find it strange that an event may not fire in another page until the current page is exited. @Cecilia @Mevi @Mari

Hi! If you place logic on another page, that page would be required to be running for logic to execute – and even that isn’t certain. I’d recommend using global canvas for any logic you want happening elsewhere than on the page that is open.