First app creation hitting snags

I’m new to attempting app creations. I’m a technology lover but coding is confusing. I’m trying to create an app for personal use and potentially future publishing if it works as intended, but its doubtful I’ll get to that.
I’m trying to do alot of different but simple things. None want to work well. For starters: i would like to use the app to open the camera to take a picture. In turn, I want that picture to show up under an in app photo album page. And stay there. I’ll need to understand photo function as a fair part of my app will be photo based for info access.
I will have many many questions as I go for sure. I’ve been able to figure out navigational buttons for in app pages. I understand how to set some flows but after days of being stuck on the photo thing which will be a big part of various app functions, i need help. Thank you

Hi! We don’t currently have an easy way to save an image to the phone’s camera roll – my understanding is that this could somehow be achieved by moving the image file to the correct folder on the phone, but I don’t know where exactly. See e.g. this thread. We plan on making it easier, but that functionality is not here yet.

If you have other specific questions, please ask and I’ll see if I can help :slight_smile: