First page takes reeeeally long time to load in new web previewer. Will that be the case with the build file?

I’m building out a web app for the first time (have done native before).

I’ve been using since the upgrade to the new runtime.

I’m trying out the new previewer now, and I notice it takes a really long time for the first page to load. Whereas the Legend previewer takes 4-5 seconds, this one takes +25 seconds.

Is that how long it will take to load the page once I am hosting the build file on my own? Or is that just because it’s within the previewer?

Hi! There were some issues in some earlier 2.X versions, but the load should be a bit faster now. And in either case, it’ll be quicker with the built version than from the preview, as the built version will not have to load your code from the cloud, as it will be all included in the apk/ipa.