Flexible input field style


Is it possible to change the input fields to a box instead of an underline with the same style flexibility as the buttons (border, radius, background, etc.)? Input fields are actually represented with a box in the left components bar

I just didn’t want to raise a feature request without checking first :slight_smile:


If you change the theme variables to set the right kind of border, all the default input fields should adapt accordingly.

To get the result below, I also added $inputPaddingHorizontal: 8:

We’re planning on a revamp of the theme engine and styles editor that will greatly simplify this, but the levers are there to edit things!


Awesome Harri! Exactly what I wanted. I didn’t know it was there.

Another question, is there any plan to include the option to change the input format such as colour of the border or background with the input is focused or the input value is not correct? Maybe it is there already too and I haven’t seen it either…

Many thanks!

If the text is longer than the line/boarder it will cover up the beginning of the paragraph. How to make the field extend vertically according to the length of the paragraph?
Many thanks!!

If you mean for the text to wrap as to be a second line…

Under the “properties” tab for the input field the option of “Multiline input” does pretty much exactly that. By default it is set to “false” thus doing what you have stated… But you can set this to “true” from here.

Give it a try if it works out for you

Got it! Thanks a lot!