Floating button (doesnt work)

Hi i have followed three different tutorials, and i cant manage to make the floating button work with the new editor, Any help?

To make it easier for people to assist, include some screen shots of your current settings, what´s happening etc.

Hi @Phil_Evans yeah sure , but the main question, is if someone has achieve it in his app then he can share the steps needed,
this is from the icon i want to make float
and this is from the page layout

also, if you check @Mevi s video, she makes these steps, but in my case, when i disable scrolling and add a scroll container, the container doesnt work.

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Its just a lot easier to see what´s gone wrong rather than write a detailed list of all the steps required, when in all likelihood there´s only a small thing to change.

Check that z is set to 0 on the container that is meant to be below the stationary button.

If this doesn´t work, then show your tree, noting what containers have what z values.

I have a hint area that drops down in a fixed position above a scrolling background, and these were the main things I did.

The truth, is that the button is not in a container and i have tried z=0, z= auto, z= 1 and none work, also the button is located under the page layout in the tree

Try it in a container on its own, that´s how mine is set up. You can see the two containers and the effect in these images. The grey box is tied to the top of the screen, everything else scrolls fine underneath it.

let me try it, but what about these ?

Check also that all the containers on the page also have z-index. At the moment z-index will only work properly if every container on the page the floating icon is in (and for good measure I recommend this for all page-level containers) has a numerical (not-auto) z-index.

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They look correct to me.

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