Floating header/navigation & scrollable container

Hi all, I have a screen that displays a header on top, a menu on the bottom (both custom created as the native AppGyver header/navigation did not suit our style). Both of those are supposed to be sticky of course. The main content of the screen is displaying a username, some more data and a big chunk of text, all of which needs to be scrollable vertically. The structure of the page is:

  • top_container (–> the header, it’s a classic container)
  • main_scroll_container (–> it’s a Scroll View)
    – main_container (–> it’s a classic container, in which I have all the above mentioned elements: username, other data and text)
  • bottom_container (–> the navigation, it’s a classic container)

The page is set up with Disable_scroll and Strech_to_viewport_height, so that the Scroll_View is used instead to make the main content scrollable.
Now the problem: whatever setting I apply to width & height, I cannot make the main content entirely scrollable. It scrolls until a certain point and then jumps back up (see attached screen recording).

Please help :frowning: :pray:

in layout probably setting to to Custom with fit to width and fit to height for scroll container can do the trick. I had the same issue and it worked for me.

I am not sure I follow. You mean setting the Scroll View Width and Height to Custom and choosing Fit to content? What would I fit it to though? I need it to adapt to the length of the text, which is always different.