Flow function "Prompt text" does not work in web version

The prompt text blocking dialog isn’t shown in web version. I get directly the error message, i’ve set up. (Fehler) It’s not canceld. It’s getting an error
There is no ability to input the text i want. Isn’t prompt text supported on web?

Opera Momentaufnahme_2020-07-13_154038_preview.appgyver.com

Yes it appears it’s not supported on web. It should clearly state it in the function though. :slightly_frowning_face:

Is there an alternative with Web support?
I don’t want to use an input field, because i don’t know how to use it’s input. And because it should only appear if i click on the picture like at this prompt text blocking dialog. It should be a secret one.
Here i could use the if-codition to look if the password that i’ve set before is right. But i don’t know how to get the input from an input field and how to look with an if-condition if the input is the same as i’ve set before with value 2 in “IS_EQUAL(Value1,Value2)”. Value one should be the input of the user.
So it need’s to be able to get the input in the logic part.

you can just bind the input into any variable and use that. It’s a two way binding so if you write something to the bound input it changes the variables value, and if you change the variables value in other ways it also changes the input. You can also do conditional visibility on any component to make them visible or invisible depending on any arbitrary formula that returns truth or false.