Flow functions applying to its own component

I’m observing in the preview app that some flow functions are applying to themselves (“this component”) and the target component when the target is a different component. So far I’ve seen it with

  • Hide component
  • Set component property
  • Animate component

Also, I believe this only occurs on the first call to the flow function.

I couldn’t find a bug report for it.

Any thoughts?

Hi Tyler! Do I understand your bug description correctly that if you for example have a button, and on its “Component tap” event “Hide component” is used on another component, then the button also gets hidden? Could you post a screenshot of a logic flow where this is happening?

Yup, that’s the correct description of the issue.

Like this?

Yeah, thanks. You can go around this issue by binding the “visible” property of “More Info Details 2” to a page variable (type true/false), and then change the value of that on component tap with the “Set page variable” flow function.

Thank you! Will do! Is there a bug report I can follow? Should I make one?

Hi Tyler, in this case I’ve already put this forward internally so a bug report is not needed, but for future reference you can make and follow bug reports and feature requests at https://tracker.appgyver.com/. Release details can be found at Changelog - Composer.

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