Flow Functions diseapear from canva (but sitll work)

I have created two flow functions to check if thes dates are presents.

All works fine, but suddenly I don’t see anymore the function in the canva (they are “receive event” trigger.

I can’t see them but the still works in the app.

Someone with this problem and a solution ??


I also have edited an app that I built last year, and now find my flow logic and setting variables on an opened page have all disappeared. Where do we find these now? The app still works, but I need to edit some variable assignments.

The video on how to use formula for colours was excellent, I spent a lot of time trying to find out how to edit my colour formula before coming across this video. This is a similar issue, the upgrade to Appgyver has changed things so much I can’t see my logic flow.


This is strange, we haven’t seen this before. And you are sure you are checking the correct components for the logic flows? Are there any errors in your browser’s developer console when you load composer?

No errors, all works fine. Only yo can’t see the functions.

I tried to create again the same flow (with a toast to distinguish from the other), but chekcing the app it runs the “disapear” function and not the new one.

For now, I have rebuilded my page on a new page, all is right so far.

Thanks Cecilia,

Yes I have checked the correct components and there are no errors when I load Composer. The components still work but I cannot edit them and there would be a large amount of work to replace the page in the app.
For example, the flow for the page has reverted to displaying the default Page open/page focused, and the get record and variable assignments and formulae are all gone though they still work.

The problem appears now to be confined to one page, and the missing flow is on the page itself. I’ve looked everywhere else for this and cannot see it. Perhaps I’m just missing something, but I cannot see my flow for the page anywhere.

My app ID is 208362, the problem page is page No 4 - Room Details.
If you wish to login to this app I will provide you credentials privately.

Thanks for your help.

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Could you @Serge_Angeloz and @Roger_Ansin submit a ticket to Bug Reports | AppGyver , it will reach our dev team most efficiently and it should get sorted out :slight_smile: sorry for the inconvenience in the mean time!