Focus and Unfocus flow functions not working

I tried to use the “Unfocus Input” flow functions to remove virtual keyboard from input. Doesn’t work on mobile preview, I have Android. In the web app preview it works.

“Focus input” dorsn’t work on both devices.

I tried to use JS code then with blur() function, but it seems that the Component ID that I tried to pass is not an CSS id.


You’re right, I just tested too and there’s seems to be something off with those flow functions. Thanks for bringing it up, I’ll file a bug report about this so we can get it fixed. In the meantime, sorry for the inconvenience!


@Cecilia hi, are any news on unworking “Unfocus input”? I reported this bug early a month ago and it’s still very annoying. I tried solutions here for JS flow node, but they don’t work too.

This issue is still happening a year later. it only works if the text input text feild is empty. which defeats the purpose.

Is there any progress on this? thanks.

I’m interested in this too.

Hi! The current situation is that focus/unfocus input only work for the input primitive, not the input field with label. This is a bug that will get fixed at some point. In the meanwhile, if you need to use these flow functions, please open “primitives” at the bottom of the left side bar with the components to find the input primitive you can use.

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