Focus Input after update to 1.4.1 (28 Oct 2020) crashes app

I am starting my app using the android kitchen sink/preview app (1.9.20) - the kitchen-sink is immediately abending when the app is started. Other apps in kitchen-sink work fine - the app worked fine until my last change.

Reverting the change does not fix the problem.

I am using the debugger, but somehow the console does not reveal anything I can interpret:

Context for page.Page3 not found, event context canvas/page.Page2 remains unchanged 
Context for page.Page3 not found, event context canvas/page.Page2 remains unchanged 
Context for page.Page2 not found, event context canvas/page.Page2 remains unchanged 
13 Oct 21:39:03 - [info] nodes.flows.started-flows
13 Oct 21:39:03 - [info] nodes.flows.starting-flows
Warning: RNCNetInfo - You are using the deprecated API. It will still work, but you must upgrade to the new API to receive the new features. The old API will be removed in the future 

The flow and event logs do not produce anything for page3

On the web using the web debug I can’t see anything specific. There is no error that I can read.

The android error report shows:

com.facebook.react.bridge.JSApplicationIllegalArgumentException: illegal number of arguments for ‘updateHotspot’ command

[long stack trace follows]

Any hint on how to proceed?

Hmm, no obvious cause for this comes to mind. Some questions to answer or things to check out:

  • Are you using custom JavaScript? Those buggers can cause all sorts of silent fails and problems, so if you are I’d suggest taking a closer look at those for any loops or crashes.
  • Are you using data in your app? What kind?
  • I haven’t seen that Android error before (but I tend to develop on iOS) so I’m not sure if it’s relevant or not, the only thing I could find googling that is something related to opacity, if you know you’re using opacity in your app in something more or less recently added, perhaps check that out.
  • You could try reverting even more changes to see if that changes the situation or not, as you can always revert back.

a) Could it be that the engine changed to 1.9.20 recently?
b) I am using GPS in my app - is there any known issue with GPS in 1.9.20?

Thank you very much for your response. Other information:

  • I am using local storage
  • REST Data sources (8)
  • I have one single block of custom Javascript (SHA512 Algorithm) that has never caused any problem before (plain-text password in - SHA512 hash for that password out)

The app is also abending on iOS. The Appgyver Preview App is also silently closing but at lease the start-page (login screen) is displaying for 2 or 3 seconds before the app closes (no interaction possible).

Thanks and cheers,

Found the problem.

There is an update available to the flow - function on the flow function market “focus input” (BxwBG6D4g2qDQAPeaSxbEg). (28. October 2020, Version 1.4.1 is the component that crashes on iOS and Android).

This component update breaks things …

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Are you using the ‘Focus input’ flow function somewhere?
If you are, does the app still work if you remove the flow from the app, after you have updated it?

Found the issue, this will be fixed soon. Thank you!

Installed the new version 1.4.2 and everything works again! Thank you very much!