Follow wordpress site users in Appgyver app?

If I have a Wordpress site where multiple users can post, I think I can fetch those posts via API to my Appgyver app? The thing I am interested in is that my Appgyver app users can follow those WP site users/tags and get push notifications whenever users post on the WP site under followed user or tags. Can this be done with Appgyver or should I make the WP site also with Appgyver?

Push notification functionality is unfortunately only available on the AppGyver Black tier, but we do have plans to enable it up for free tier users too with our upcoming third-party plugin feature – though that will require a custom backend to handle the device token registration and sending the pushes.

Just fetching the posts via API to your app is definitely possible though!

@Harri_Sarsa when that feature would be available?

Rough current roadmap is a major runtime upgrade which should be in stabilization phase next week, then advanced navigation editor, then third-party plugins. So a few weeks still, but it’s near the top.

You can follow the ticket at: