Font sizes on different phones

Newbie question here. For a given font size, the fonts seem to look different on Android vs Apple.

Is this normal, or can font size be customized for Apple VS Android.

Screenshot attached


I think the font size should be the same, I haven’t heard any instances of them being different on different systems :thinking: I think the differences in screen width and height might give the effect of them being differentt. If you want to change your font size according to what device you are using, you can bind the font size values to formulas and use something like IF(systemVars.os == "ios", ios_font_size, other_font_size)

Hi Cecilia, thanks for responding. I ended up figuring it out today. The Apple phone has a text size setting under it’s settings section where it will override text size if the app supports Apple dynamic text. It was set to a larger size. I changed this setting now the text looks the same across my Apple and Android devices.

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