For a podcast function in the app: is it possible to insert a progress bar for audio?

I’d like to make a podcast page with, if possible, a small progress bar underneath a chosen podcast.
so a user can see if he/she how many time is left of an unfinished podcast.
It can also be shown with time in numbers probably, but a progress bar is visual easier to comprehend.
so that would be my preference, but in numbers is a good second option.
Anyone experience with making a podcast-page?

Or -that would be even better- is there a podcastmodule e.g. that can be inserted?

Grz, Jerina

Hi! It’s probably possible, but not much looked into yet. I plan to do some looking myself, but haven’t had the time yet (and won’t at least for this week). Some ideas on how this could be done is talked about here, basically you could use the get playback info flow function to find the location the audio is at. Other than that, a third party plugin is going to be what will really make this easier.