Form fields function

Any way to make a field mandatory? Before submitting the form? And is there a way to make only one entry per ip adress per day?


You can do some form validation that after user clicks on submit you would check if the variable bound to an input field is empty or not. As for the IP address, that info is not available in AppGyver. Usually these time sensitive operations are handled on the backend side, but what you maybe could do is to use Set item to storage to set the latest submission date into the device’s storage. When a user tries to submit again, you could use Get item from storage to check the latest submission date. If it has the same date then deny the action. This would result in one submission per device per day.

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Limiting usage by IP address would likely be tricky to implement and also unlikely to stop anyone who wanted to get around it. Any sort of VPN effectively gives users loads of IP addresses. Equally, it could be overly restrictive for workplaces where many people might have the same IP.

Some sort of verification tied to mobile number would be good, but has a cost. There are many SMS services you can fire using a URL, in which you can include a code for verification. Its easy enough to then simply limit each mobile to one per day.

To make a field mandatory just check for a null or empty of submit tap and only proceed when its completed as you desire.

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Thanks Phil. Looking for a 30 minute mentor to help me on a shared screen. Give me a message if you’re able and I’ll mention you in the credits after launch😄

Hi Rune,

I help out on the forum where I can but I don´t really have free time to assist as you are looking for. I´m sure one of the people on here will be keen to get involved with some assistance.

Good luck!

Thanks. Will try. Haven’t been coding for 15 years so things have changed…
But one question ; I’m trying to set up a mandatory check box in the bottom of my form, but I’m doing something wrong. How will the logic of the button regarding the checkbook look? Any suggestions?

I haven´t worked with check boxes, but I believe it would be something like tying a checkbox to an if statement in the flow logic, and for false popping a dialogue box.

Always post screen shots where you can, it makes it easier for others to assist.

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