Format a displayed date field

I am able to display my event start date for my card style list of events.

I want to format it to show:
Mon Mar

I have two fields in place for the rows of info I want. I just don’t know how to format them. Currently they both show the format as 2020-02-12.

In the Formula Editor i have:
current.fields[“Event Start Date”]

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

You can use the FORMAT_DATETIME_LOCAL formula function for this!

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Thank you for the response. I’m still not quite sure what to do.

In other apps I have used (Mmm Ddd) for the formatting details. But I don’t know where to put it. (I am a designer, not developer.) I’m new to formulas. I have watched the 5 formula videos in the onboarding. Still getting used to structure.

Current my formula is:
current.fields[“Event Start Date”]


Instead of NOW() you can add your date field.

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I updated my formula to:
current.fields["Event Start Date"FORMAT_DATETIME_LOCAL(NOW(), “ddd MMM”)]

I get an error. And I am not using the current time. I am pulling the data from a date field. I don’t understand the structure of formulas yet.

I’m not an expert but it should be like this:
FORMAT_DATETIME_LOCAL(current.event_start_date, “ddd MMM”)

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Definitely closer.

Mr. Harri_Sarsa, there are two value types of the properties could be considered as Date, however, the date format is not working with them because they are getting formatted as strings. So, how to solve Carri_Craver’s issue?

I recreated what you are attempting and saw the same error for the formula but saved it and tried it and it showed the formatted date result. I did it the way you have it and it worked. I also used DATETIME function to convert the Event Start Date and it worked.

Both attempts still showed some formula errors but I ignored them, saved the formula and gave it a try in the mobile app and it worked :slight_smile:

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Well what do you know? It works! Thank you all for sticking with me.

I’m loving the UI control but the formulas are so new to me, I’m not any good yet. But you made me better than yesterday.

Great job! It’s a bug that the formula editor says “date” is not compatible with “datetime” for certain formulas, even when the formula really does also accept date type input (like FORMAT_DATETIME_LOCAL), need to fix that.

Wanted to let people know formatting to display the ordinal date as I struggled to figure that out and eventually just started going through the alphabet. My final formulas are shown below.

To show: Mon Mar
FORMAT_DATETIME_LOCAL(current.fields[“Event Start Date”], “ddd MMM”)

To show: 2nd
FORMAT_DATETIME_LOCAL(current.fields[“Event Start Date”], “Do”)

We use Moment.js internally, so you can check for full reference. Sorry for not linking that straight away!

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Harri, plz help me out!

i just formated the date, and everything appears to be allright, but somehow the date information is hidden when i simulate the app … what could it be?