Forms & Validation Tutorial: Create Record

I am having trouble with the Forms tutorial.

I know that the create record for data variable “newStudent” works. I made a paragraph with content saying " + “, "” to test it.

However, I think that create record does not work, or at least it doesn’t save to the data variable collecion “Students.” Because every time I click the button, the new input doesn’t appear.

My button flow:

Data variables:

The repeating paragraph that presents user input in (name, email) format:

How the app begins:

Putting in input (as you can see, the newStudent works for sure because of the test paragraph I put here):

What happens after I click button (Jen’s info is not stored and therefore not displayed):

I’m not sure what is causing this problem. Could it be because I am using Client-side storage as a data resource? The appgyver cloud storage was disabled so it’s not as if I could follow the video exactly…

Thank you for your help!

The same problem. Can anyone help me?

I have the same problem. AppGyver doesn’t offer “hobby database” any longer so I am using client side version. I have written them and asked if there should be a category with the name “tutorials and problems”. This two year old video must have had several persons writing about.