Formula bar concatenate

I have am attempting to repeat data from say 20 different tables all inside appvariables. (appvars. Data1, appvars. Data2, and so on)

I want the repeater to show data dependent on different button taps.

I can either make options in a renderer which will give me what I want but too much unnecessary work.

Or I can do 20 if statements.

But what if I could concatenate the path in a way That each button could just change the number.


“Appvars. Data” + 1

The 1 being the result of a button push from button one.

Can strings be turned into a directory for an app variable is my main question.


Referring to variables dynamically in the formula editor is not possible unfortunately, as “Appvars. Data” + “1” would just result in a text “Appvars.Data1” instead of the actual app variable.

I know this was possible in excel but wasn’t too sure here although I tryed everywhich way.
That would have been a big deal but it’s OK. Thanks