Formula editor I-beam position confusion


I’m having this very frustrating issue when I’m editing longer formulas the cursor position doesn’t match up to where actually data entry takes place. For example if I try and place the cursor in the middle of a formula, I’ll actually be able to edit the text 6 or so characters before where I put the cursor.

It makes editing long formulas impossible which is very frustrating.

Any tips?

It happens on chrome, Firefox and safari.

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Have you been able to find a consistent way to get this problem to appear? Because I’ve seen this issue as well, but only sometimes, and I haven’t been able to reproduce it in a way that our team would have been able to fix it :confused: If you have any pointers, it would be super helpful in getting this fixed!

Sometimes, because I struggle with the text edit box anyway (too small and inflexible - as an aside have you used the web version of Postman ( - they have really nailed this) so often I use another editor to create the formulas and then copy them into the formula window in platform - I think that often messes things up.

For me it’s the biggest single usability issue, and one that marks platform out as less mature than, say, Postman.

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Thanks for answering! I haven’t used the web version of postman, but thanks for the pointer. Even with the copy-pasting I wasn’t able to get a consistent reproduction of this, but I’ll keep trying to find one anyway.

I see this issue regularly, too. I’m not sure exactly how to reproduce it, but I find that as soon as I’m editing it within the box and the formula passes 5-6 lines, it’s pretty much a guarantee to start happening. I doubt length is the only determinant, but at that length, there’s usually a lot of nested parentheses and brackets and commas, and at that point I think the parser starts to freak out.