Formula experts - Is this possible to convert into List of Objects?

If I receive this type of response from the server:

“3abd0dae”: {
“Last_Login”: “2020-10-30T13:55:20.464Z”,
“Name”: “New User”,
“Password”: “”,
“Picture”: “”,
“UID”: “3abd0dae”
“e3db0dea”: {
“Last_Login”: “2020-10-31T13:55:20.464Z”,
“Name”: “New User 2”,
“Password”: “”,
“Picture”: “”,
“UID”: “e3db0dea”
“e36e97b5”: {
“Last_Login”: “2020-10-30T13:09:57.547Z”,
“Name”: “New User 3”,
“Password”: “12345678”,
“Picture”: “”,
“UID”: “e36e97b5”

Is there any way, using MAP or whatever, that could convert that response into a List of 3 Objects? Firebase doesnt send back Arrays unless the IDs are Numbers (0,1,2,etc…). So in this case I have a group of un-numbered Objects returned.

So I need this to convert to a List of Objects that I can use to Repeat With.

I believe VALUES will do what you need :slight_smile:

If you need to the keys, there is also KEYS

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Wow. That worked perfectly. Thanks!