Formula Help - Array function Missing

Hi All,
I am a complete newbie to Appgyver and hope someone would be kind enough to help with my problem.
I was trying to use formula array function in my app but for some reasons, I could not find the array function on the Formula screen, see below screenshot:

I am on a free plan and would appreciate your kind advice and help please.



What kind of Array formula functions do you need? In the screenshot you posted there is a subcategory “Lists” under Functions, there you can find some that might help you. In case you want to create an array, you can just type in [item1, item2, ...] in the editor :slightly_smiling_face:

It isn’t possible to type in Array<String> = [item1, item2, ...] in the formula editor if you’re looking for something like that

Thanks @Cecilia for your kind response and help. I have no issues entering the array function manually in the editor but was puzzled and curious why it did not show up under the list of Functions.

The list of functions is just a collection of available formulas you might use in your app, like doing calculations or editing lists and so on. They are divided according to subject so they are more easier to find.

So anything you write in the editor doesn’t get saved or added to the list, it’s only stored for the component you are using it for.

I meant the “Array” function should be one of the selectable functions just like the rest i.e. Bitwise, Color etc.

Oh right, sorry I misunderstood. In Composer instead of array we use the term list. So lists are used exactly like arrays, and lists are found in the functions as its own category along with Bitwise etc.

noted and thanks again for your help.