Formula help extract a part of JSON string


I am an Appgyver newbie :slight_smile:

My data is stored on a NocoDB table (free Airtable alternative)

I GET values with the provided REST API :

  "id": 6,
  "qrcode_item": "GF-000001",
  "brand": "Nikon",
  "description": "appareil photo digital 24 méga",
  "images": "[{\"url\":\"\",\"title\":\"Screenshot_2022-02-04-20-31-53-661.jpg\",\"mimetype\":\"image/jpeg\",\"size\":138078}]",
  "title": "Nikon D7000",
  "nc_ud7n__storages_id": 1,
  "nc_ud7n__shelfs_id": null,
  "model": "D7200",
  "serial": "4567894235A",
  "tagsList": [
      "id": 2,
      "title": "Electronic",
      "nc_ud7n__items_id": 6
  "ContainersRead": {
    "id": 1,
    "name": "Tiroir"

Now I am looking to use the image url to display the picture in a box. But the image property is made of sub properties.

How Can I extract only url: from this string please ?

"images": "[{\"url\":\"\",\"title\":\"Screenshot_2022-02-04-20-31-53-661.jpg\",\"mimetype\":\"image/jpeg\",\"size\":138078}]"

Thank you !

If you read that into an object or data variable, then the path would be:

Thanks John for the quick reply.
The path like you described don’t work because it’s broken by the double quote in the array after “images”: and just before the open bracket) :
“images”: "[{“url”:
this is a bug coming from nocodb

I would use either LEFT_STRIP or SPLIT formula for this, check them out and see which one suits you! :slight_smile: