Formula not working inside logic flow of a card

I’m trying to use a formula to hide a component that is inside a card.

DATETIME_IS_BETWEEN(internalProps.timeNow, internalProps.startTime, internalProps.endTime, "minute", "[]")

I don’t understand why using this formula in Logic Flow of the card is not working, but if i directly put it inside a formula for the visibility parameter of the component is working.

This is my logic flow (the if function return always false)

Can you tell my why this is happening?

Hi, the issue might be with either the property values not updating or the “Internal property changed” event not firing, you can debug it by for example by putting a toast or alert after the event, or displaying the value of timeNow in a paragraph to see if it changes.

I resolved this using the formula to set the visible value.

Still don’t know why it was not working.

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