Formula output is disappearing

I can’t seem to figure out why this is happening :sweat:

  • Value 1 and 2 are both setup to write to a page variable (The type is a number)
  • The output is a formula “MULTIPLY(pageVars.Value1, pageVars.Value2)”

On first load, it has calculated and displayed the correct figure. As soon as I change the values in either input fields, the output text disappears.

Just hoping to be able to edit the 2 fields independently and have the output dynamically update on the fly.

Input fields currently provide their values as text, even if what’s bound to them is a number type variable. So you’d want to cast your variables to numbers:

MULTIPLY(NUMBER(pageVars.Value1), NUMBER(pageVars.Value2))

It works the first time since your page variable values initialize as numbers — they just get overwritten by text values when you type. Sorry for the confusion, fixing this is on the roadmap!