Found a Fix for [Object Object] ERROR and images not showing on repeating list

After playing around with appgyver i realized that, the was not showing up by itself. I entered the formula with an if function and it worked, removed the if function and its back to [Object Object] with no images.

Based on my observation the current fields requires some other object in place of it’s initial value for it to work e.g below.

For Text:
IF(IS_EMPTY(current.fields.text),“example text”,current.fields.text)

For Images/URLS:

For Colors:

so forth. Hope this helps someone…!!! :slight_smile:


Yeah, the issue was that formulas that evaluated to direct data bindings were not working, but immediately when there was some other things in the formula, it got evaluated through a different route and worked.

This issue is now fixed for good in 2.4.24, so be sure to update your Preview app!

My app build is now failing in 2.4.24 for android and changing the formula back to current item repeat some how doesn’t work with my preview app the pictures disappear.

App builds successfully now but i’m using the formula currently.