Free plan and cloud storage.. useless?

Congrats for the new Composer Pro… very powerful, attractive and promising. Although I’m a bit disappointed due to the inconveniences I found -It was wasteful to find out what was going on here-.

I’m starting a new initiative to tackle the “COVID-19 economic illness” with software for free.
I know about AppGyver years ago. When discovered this big news I thought this would be the “UNIQUE and ALL IN ONE” solution for my projects bcause of an open invitation and the generous free account for under USD$10 Million indies. At the same time, I was wondering how AppGyver would hold the enormous effort to support the hole world of developers and users for free and thought AppGyver was going to take out all the other competitors under this limit :smiley: …just something sounds wrong here.

Digging more… I caught the cat: Storage and hobby idea you crafted around the “generous free account”. You don’t guarantee nothing about data :pensive:. That doesn’t make sense.
Please, explain to all of us, How the pledge would be accomplished under the real conditions you offered?
You said:

The 100% free plan includes publishing your app to the app stores or web. We can even host your site on our CDN if you’d like, and your app data. You can build both non-commercial and commercial apps – no strings attached.

But… “strings” appear if anyone diggs enough.
Do you think the API solution to connect with outer data meets with your wide offer as published in home and pricing pages?
You can argument and promote your strengths as you like but not necessarily distorting or disguising the truth, Please!! That’s not convenient for your own reputation.

I know you are the owner and respect your autonomy and the manner you deploy your strategy and how you deliver your services as much as you can, but please, honor truth and your values and make sure you keep your promises as much as at the same time we are leveraging our projects with AppGyver as you claim… but, both sides very well aligned.
I’m not trying to diminish the importance, features and usefulness of AppGyver; just trying sincerely to show the disappointment and confusion many people can feel due to offered vs supplied discrepancies.

This is not a technical issue; It’s all about values, strategy and a marketing topic.


Hi Francisco,

CEO of AppGyver here. You’re absolutely correct, the copy on our site was misleading.

Sorry about that, it was not our intention to mislead anybody. The copy has now been adjusted accordingly, thanks for bringing this up.

We do want to provide as much for free as possible, but unfortunately free unlimited backend is something that even large companies could not provide for free. That’s why we’ve made the third party backend integration so super easy, and we’re working on built-in plugins for those who don’t know how to configure REST APIs. However, we do want to provide free hobby database even though it’s creating quite a bit of cost at our end, as it really helps developers to get started.

I hope you’ll find our free offer generous nevertheless, we truly want to help the “small guys” to build their dream apps/startups etc. as much as possible.


Hahaha… some people will find a way to complain about everything.

I actually cannot believe how much is on offer from Appgyver. Of course you can’t give it all away… over the last 2 years I have previously used several low-code solution’s (both paid and free plans) including Appery, Bubble, Adalo, Glide, Wappler, Dropsource and Buildfire. And while there are still a few small bumps, I’m actually happy to be a part of the ongoing development of Composer Pro while I learn it inside and out.

Finally, on top of the free offer to use Composer Pro, I have NEVER seen such dedicated and timely support as I have with Appgyver. Please keep up the amazing work and if I can ever help in any way, it might help me from feeling so guilty!!

And once the marketplace is finished, I am really looking forward to contributing as a way of giving back. Out of the gate, I’d like to create a Woocommerce REST API component.



Thanks for the feedback!

We’re happy to receive contributions to the markeplace even while we’re still tweaking the release/review queue funnel, so if you e.g. manage to set up a suite of Woocommerce REST API configurations that you’ve tested to work, we’d be happy to help you publish them as a template in the Marketplace. You can drop me a mail at once there’s something to check out!

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+1 for the woocommerce restful API please :grinning: