[FREELANCE] Job opportunity for Appgyver expert

Hey Gyvers!

I’m looking for an expert to build out a native ios and and/maybe android app for a client with the goal of using Appgyver as our go to native app building platform. We already have a team of bubblers but looking to branch out.

It’s a directory app for health care professionals where the location has bad wifi connection so offline storage is a must have

Say hi on here and let’s chat


Hey Matthew, I work in both Bubble and AppGyver. I’d be happy to chat about what you’re looking for.


Awesome, Shemah. Not sure how to message you so dm me here https://twitter.com/mattdotroberts

Hey I can work with Appgyver pretty well and now having free time, so message me via Whatsapp or Viber ( +79911090519 ) if you still need…

hey yakov,
do you have some free time to perfect my APP on appgyver ?

Hi, I am looking for freelance too, can i get your contact detail ?

But the comment needs to be at least 20 characters :smiley:

Hi @Matthew_Roberts Finally, did you find an Appgyvzer Expert? I am interesring! Thank you

Hi @Shemah_Appleton
I am the co-founder of https://code.store.
We signed a new project for a big client (deadline May 1st). We identified AppGyver as the right solution. But we have many questions. Would you have a quick moment to discuss this?
Thanks a lot!

i worked on Appgyver and wrote blogs too
if still your looking you can reach to pvsbprasad@gmail.com