From Glide to AppGyver for newbie


So far, I’m using Glide to build simple web-apps. But AppGyver seems to be more powerfull, so I want to start and see if it’s something for me.
I can add titles, images etc. and I “studied” the documentation, but I can’t find a way to add data or work with data.
I made a simple Glide-app (*)
that lists some contact-persons with details on the second screen (editing is possible and it also has a send-mail button).

Is there a community-member that can build the same with AppGyver that I can download (or import in Composer). So I can analyze how everything works and learn further possibilities by myself.

Thanks in advance !!


Not sure why you were not able to find the “Data” section in the documentation, but here is a link: Data

Furthermore, importing/copying apps that belong to another user is not supported at the moment. I would advice to go through the onboarding widget located at the bottom of the screen in composer. It should give you enough starting knowledge to build an app like you presented. You can also use the search function in the documentation to find things you are looking for.

Feel free to search the forums too and ask questions further.


Hi Kirill,

Thanks for the quick reaction.
As I mentioned, I did find the “data”-section in the documentation, but I do not understand it.
In Glide, data is stored in tables or linked directly to a Google Sheet, but in AppGyver I don’t find tables, only different kind of variables and multiple settings.
I also watched Youtube-videos trying to understand where to store and how to retrieve data.
Maybe I’m not smart enough for AppGyver…

But thanks for the suggestion about the onboarding widget. I will give it a try.

Maybe a suggestion for the developpers to provide templates/sample apps so new users can start with these and adapt it to their needs. And the option that everyone can save/upload/share own apps as template for further use.


Well, not all no-code/low-code platforms are the same, so there is no surprise that AppGyver does not use the same data configuration as others.

There are 4 ways to connect to data on AppGyver:

  • On-device storage
  • OData
  • Firebase

*Rest API in particular, gives access to hundreds of databases, such as Xano or Backendless.

All work with data is done via Data-related flow functions. Here is the onboarding documentation regarding that: SAP AppGyver Onboarding

Maybe a suggestion for the developpers to provide templates/sample apps so new users can start with these and adapt it to their needs.

Templates are in active development. See the latest dev update here: SAP AppGyver “monthly” update for May/June

you can also get a free airtable account and connect to that using a rest api to store all your data. Airtable has a similar feel to google sheets if that’s your thing :blush:

Best regards. Yes… you can also connect your Airtable database with AppGyver. There are several tutorials on YouTube where it tells you how to connect the Airtable Api Rest database to AppGyver. Also if you handle the Airtable alternative which is Baserow which also integrates very excellently and is very similar to Airtable.