Full Screen Background Color (Remove Bars)

Hello! New to AppGyver but can’t find an answer to this question.

I am trying to recreate this interface in AppGyver:

To do so, I need to create a custom navigation bar. I am following this video tutorial:


However, when I test my app in the preview app on an iPhone, I get these gray bars on the top and bottom:

How do I change the colors of these bars or remove them?

I’m having the same issues. That started because of the introduction of the safeArea. Appgyver needs to sort this sout.

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Yikes! That certainly does not look good, so I hope that gets addressed soon.

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I agree, I hope they fix this issue soon. It was sorted out actually, then they added the safe area. I understand the reason, however, it could be configurable.

Hello, take a look in this video: Appgyver Navigation - 1 - Customize build in navigation - YouTube.

If I correctly understood your doubt, it will be helpful.

Hi Arthur,

The problem is when either header and navbar are disabled. It creates a margin with a colour that we can’t change.


How can I remove the top and bottom margin? I am trying to get my image to fill the whole screen.

Hi @Von_Sayavong , unfortunately, that’s not possible yet. It was before then, Appgyver added the safe margin, which makes sense to avoid some UI issues, however, it caused other problems such as this one you mentioned.

There is an issue already posted on Issue Tracker: Header and footer bug | Voters | AppGyver