Full Start to Finish Tutorial Interest

Just wanting to gage interest on a video showing how to fully build an application in AppGyver :slight_smile:

I’ve made a few small tutorials on different things in AppGyver, but I’ve yet to see or make anything showing EVERYTHING needed to publish an app. So here’s my thoughts on a video and the topics it would cover. I plan to do what I’ve listed below as well as anything else I can think of along the way.

  1. Choosing a backend provider (Airtable, Firebase, Supabase, etc.)
  2. Connecting your app to the backend and performing CRUD (Create, read, update, delete) operations
  3. Go over some topics like offline support, pagination of api results, search, using the debugger, etc.
  4. Configuring all of the build settings for iOS and Android (Icons, certificates, etc.)
  5. The process of publishing to the Play Store and the App Store.

If this sounds like something that would be interesting just like this post. If you have an idea you want me to include just comment and I’ll try to work it in. The end goal is a video showing from start to finish how to create a simple(ish) app. Hoping to learn some stuff along the way while sharing what I’ve already learned over the last few months of using this product.


Sorry for my English, I am slowly learning and writing it.

Greetings. It is very good what you propose and it is really needed, since there are very few tutorials where someone can actually develop an app from scratch. Many people look at the following:

1). The start of the app:
Many people clash with the start of their apps, people want their app to start with an animation, image, logo, login, etc … and go to page number 2.

2). Connect it with an API and make it work without internet:
There are several apps made with AppGyver, but when there is no internet, nothing can be displayed, because most of it is connected to a database via APIs, and that is where several fail, because they just want the API to only change the information when in fact only the database is modified and replaced or updated without asking again that call, that works without internet and that is stored in the memory of the device.

3). Connect the search button throughout the app: It would be very important that aspect, very little information.

4). Apps put in place:
As you say, very good to know more information on how to SIGN or Create the credentials so you can compile, since in the videos, they are outdated and every 90 days you have to re-sign it (Some give you the 10,000 days with the old method).

5). Components and Logic: Here it is good to know some components, because it is a very extensive topic and besides, but it is good to know some more popular ones and how they are connected making logics.

The topic of AppGyver, is a very extensive topic to take advantage of the great potential that the platform has.

I even learned a lot thanks to the COMMUNITY and MODERATORS who try to interpret the user and give a timely response with a lot of kindness and even some put small fragments to explain to the user.

The videos with good sections and well organized from “A” to “Z”, I know that the COMMUNITY and USER are going to give us that day that you propose, since much more information is needed even though there is a documentation.

I congratulate you and hope you do well. We are waiting for you.


heres a way to implement this

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I would start with a step in front of all that.

Planning your app - story board the pages, the data flows the outcomes. Many seem to start the building work without being sure if its going to be a plane, train, car, bike or boiled egg.

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Hey Adam,

I’m really looking forward to your tutorial, it would be amazing to see all those features in one app.

Thanks in advance for all your help!

Best regards