Further Training and Tutorials

Hi there!

Really liking composer pro! After having gone through the tutorial and other available videos on Youtube and Vimeo and documentation, I found myself needing some more training to start building my first few projects. Is there any other training material one could look at?



Hi, I think you have covered most of the material then.

Have you tried to make a new app and followed the tutorials at the bottom of the screen? Those take you through many important aspects of Composer use. And of course these forums have many helpful topics already.

I’m enjoying the composer pro too, but would also like to have some more materials! What would be great is if there would be a way to access some “template” apps so i could dig into them and see the way things have been constructed. Monkey see - monkey do :smiley:

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Hi Tomi.

Yes, I have gone through those as well.

I have been learning through trial and error, however, the learning curve is a bit steep, especially on the data side of things. Having additional examples (like the to-do and movie rating apps) will help greatly in understanding how the environment works.

Yes, I understand. We’re working on our docs and new tutorial material, but at this point there isn’t any more than you have already gone through. We know this is important and hope to have more and more material in the (near) future.

Good luck with your learning progress :muscle: If you have any questions or issues our community is ready to help with those here in the forums :blush:

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Thanks Tomi i know you guys are doing your best!

If anyone capable is reading this it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make even a course in udemy (or so) in building different apps in appgyver, I’d be willing to pay for it :slight_smile:

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