Gallery repeatable from API

Hi all,

I have tried numerous ways to add this gallery onto a page.

How can I add the following from an API of Wordpress into a gallery?

Thank you for the help in advance

Are the URLs valid? I tried opening and it gave 404?

Hi Harri,

Apologies, Here are the correct links more towards the bottom under repeatable.

My screen shot was cut off.

Here is also another screen shot of where I get the info from.

It is saying incompatible and I am not sure how to get the object to open under repeatable:

If you set your image to repeat with and then link image source to current.raw, does it work? Or is the issue that the component is repeated but the URLs do not load?

Hi Harri,

Thanks for the guidance. I did what you said and it is picking up the images etc but on the app it doesn’t display the gallery.
It only still displayed the featured image that I added in a container above the gallery. and not the gallery.

Please see screen shots below:

These are the images on wordpress for the gallery:

This is what the app shows when editing

this is the view from the appgyver preview app. the glue line is where the gallery should be.
It only shows the featured image but not the gallery as setup:

Please can you advise if there is something that I still need to change etc?
Thank you again for the assistance.

The issue might be that the scroll view is being rendered as 0 px high. Can you set a fixed height for it, or tweak the flex grow/shrink/basis values under the Scroll view’s Style > Dimension and Position? Also setting the page property Stretch to viewport height can help.

Thanks Harri, this solved it

Hi Harri,

I thought it was resolved in the preview side but it doesn’t work.
It leaves a gap but no images are present.

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

Hi! I’m unsure about your data structure so I would first of all check that the images appear correctly at least somehow, by e.g. just having an image repeat at the topmost level of the UI without any containers or scrollviews. Once you have checked this, what happens if you scroll over the image in the set up you see there?


Thank you I came right.

The problem was the width. I increased the pixels and then it worked fine.

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