Generate a PDF with custom Javascript

Did anybody try to use the ‘Custom Javascript’ logic node to generate a PDF? :thinking:

As I intend to generate very basic PDFs (including only a short text and a signature captured by the user ( :pencil2: ), it would be preferable to have it included in the app rather than relying on an commercial API service in the cloud (e.g. Generating a PDF - #2 by shaun_brown).

For generating .csv-files the ‘custom Javascript’ seems to be a valid way (How to Generate CSV using JSON). I am wondering, how that can be achieved for PDF as well…


possible. post it later


Hi @Jhon_Michael_Revilla
it would be great to learn about your approach! Did you figure something out already?

Following this with interest, as we have always done our pdf generating in a backend :smiley:

If you have trouble with downloading the pdf onto the device I may be of more service, but ping me when you get that far :sweat_smile: