Generating a PDF

Is there a possibility to generate a pdf from the AppGyver?

Caveat: I am not an expert. I don’t think you can do this directly in AppGyver. You would need an external service connected by a REST API. This is possible but it depends a lot on exactly what you want to achieve.

I am working on a related problem and what I thought would be simple has turned into a lot of work. I am trying Anvil but it will only accept payloads from a backend service not directly from the client side (app).

Hello, thank you for your response. did you manage to generate a pdf because i couldn’t make it. I don’t know how to use API.

I have used Backendless to send data to Anvil and Anvil returns the PDF file. In the codeless Backendless environment there is a limitation that is not allowing the PDF file to be processed correctly. You can make this work correctly with JS now. Hopefully the fix for this issue will be out this week. The created PDF could be returned to the user via a push notification or a link in AppGyver. I think this part is pretty straight forward if you have been able to write REST API requests. In the case of Backendless-AppGyver duo the process is documented here: