Generating pdf report

Hey all,

Does anybody know whether generating pdf from within our apps is on Appgyver’s roadmap?

So far it is a Dela breaker for me not being able to generate report / order…

Many thanks


There’s quite alot of ways to do this via API through a REST query.

That being said, this recent blog post references a future “ability to bring in your own native mobile capabilities. These will be packageable as reusable primitive components…” I would imagine this wouldn’t be so publicly referenced if it wasn’t coming soon, which means (depending upon what precisely this language is referencing) you might have an option to do a PDF generation within AG without using an outside API.

For the meantime, though, the API / REST answer is your best bet.

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I kind of looked into ways to generate pdfs. But as far as I have gone, it has always been a too expensive option for me.
Are there free ways around it you might know?

Hopefully you are right about what is written in the article.

A quick search shows that there seems to be more than a few options for a free PDF generator API.

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Follow-up: if you have some technical skills, setup something on Google Cloud Functions to handle a PDF generation request and use one of the many open source/free-to-use libraries to do this.

(This only works if you can write Javascript and/or know how to modify example code to suit your specific situation.)


Thanks mate.
I will have a look into it, although I am not a coder at all!