Geolocation does not work fully, timestamp is not retrieved

Hello, and thank you for this great app, and actually providing it open, hopefully it’ll continue after joining SAP.

I have a non-profit app, trying to do calculations with the values from geolocation. I could get lat.-lng.-alt. but the timestamp does not seem to be retrieved, not showing even on a basic paragraph item, leave out in card or list item, I tried to show it as alert as well but no use. I think it is already due to this that cannot display the timezone (shows +00:00).

What is interesting is the LOCAL_TIMEZONE() does not show correctly either, it is supposed to be exact but it shows somehow a neighboring area (Europe/Athens, instead of Europe/Istanbul), which is supposed to be getting the info from the phone, not GPS. I am confused in using the geolocation.

Thank you.

One thing to note is, FORMAT_DATETIME_WITH_TIMEZONE(sensorVars.geolocation.latestValue.timestamp, “YYYY.MM.DD /”) and FORMAT_DATETIME_WITH_TIMEZONE(sensorVars.geolocation.values[0].timestamp, “YYYY.MM.DD /”) seem to be formating/showing but time is a few hours off the local correct hours.

I am having also quite some issues with sensorVars on this so right now, I am putting the results of the Geo Location into page/app variables… timestamp works there for me on android (but the rest only soso unfortunately)

Yes, I am doing the same but does not work correctly as I explained.

are you working directly with the outputs from Geolocation node or via the system.sensorVars as intermediate step?

I think I am using both methods, let me try to explain how I am doing.

I tried both as formula (sensorVars…) and/or assigning directly from node.

Either on “Page Mounted” or from a button “Get/Renew Location”, in the logic canvas, I am getting sensor variables (Lat., Lng., Alt.) and assign them to respective app variables. I can get the variables, yes.

However, when I assign timezone with “TIMEZONE(sensorVars.geolocation.values[0].timestamp)”, (I tried with “.latest.timestamp” also, the same) it shows “+00:00” it seems it cannot extract the timezone from the timestamp, and maybe it shows just UTC. Also, when I assign “LOCAL_TIMEZONE()”, it shows wrongly as well, it should show “Europe/Istanbul”, instead I get “Europe/Athens”.

I am not sure if I could explain well, I can give more insight, thank you.

By the way, the timestamp time is also UTC, which I realized, not local time, perhaps that’s why the timezone is +00:00. LOCAL_TIMEZONE() is also wrong as I said.

Hi! There are currently issues with geolocation polling that will be solved in 2.6.X, see here.

Regarding timezones, I’m not sure :thinking: Did you already get this sorted out? If not, I’ll look into it more in depth and find out what’s going on.

Hey @Mevi ,

is there any update on when the first beta for 2.6.X will be available?
I am eagerly waiting for testing the geo fix. :slight_smile:

Hi @Mevi, thank you for the feedback. You have got a beautiful app tool for developing there, I wanna learn it well and develop a lot of apps, especially before it goes commercially spicy, since SAP, :slight_smile:

When I tried with the web preview, it seemed it’d got the timezone correctly first, then it started not to get values/all, I mean the location values, when I/the app itself renewed the page (F5/Cntl+F5, FYI: the location is allowed).

However, the Android (Samsung Galaxy A10) preview continued to get wrong values of time/zone as usual, does get the Alt-Lat-Lng values, and I can assign to variables tho.

Thank you.

More note:

I try to get the time/zone values in different ways, and try to assign in different ways to get the idea of how it might work. I had explained first that it had got it as UTC, but it seems now it gets different values on different assignments, e.g., like let’s say paragraph assignments show Europe/Athens (+2:00), but a click formula shows UTC values.

It should supposedly get it according to the Lat-Lng values but not sure what is happening, maybe it is about “offSet”, and/or “time-saving activated or no”, I’m thinking loudly to try to get some idea.

I found some link/website giving some correct return values as JSON, I tried to get it to read in the app to utilize but I think I failed that also so far, :blush:

the e.g. link:


I discussed with others and apparently the timezone of sensorVars being UTC is correct. If you want a different timezone, set the values from the sensorVars into app/page variable, and use SET_TIMEZONE to change the timestamp into your timezone.