GeoLocation - How and Where to get it working?

Hi All

I’m trying to build a super simple app that uses the iPhone’s sensor for geoLocation data.
The Docs are very limited on information here ( ) - there is a LOT of detail on sensorVars and starting/stoping polling - but nothing works, it’s all just Undefined.

I suspect it’s one of the following 2 things:
1: No ability to set permissions for AppGyver to receive location information from iOS
2: No idea where to start the GeoLocation Poller to update the details

The only place I find to set the Permissions is in the BUILD section and that doesn’t seem to impact development cycle, and the documentation around permissions simply says “Set permissions 100% manually” but doesn’t go on to say how or where.

Anyone managed to navigate through this?

Okay got it to work

  1. You have to install the various components, eg Start GeoLocation Polling, and Stop GeoLocation Polling
  2. In the logic window you need to START polling before using any data
  3. You should always stop after to stop the device killing battery by constantly polling

Once you start geo polling, how did you capture the data and get it into a table? So, the table would have the geolocation data (lat, lng, heading, timestamp, etc) and user name in a row. I want to set polling for every 15 minutes and collect that row of data from user. Any pointers appreciated.

Hi also I am trying to read the data from the GPS
I followed the tutorial on accelerometer and it works, but if I use gps it says ‘undefined’.
I started polling before use.
Same problem with compass and gyroscope
Tested on iOS and Android
Thanks for the help, I’m very new

Hummm, have you checked from your phone’s settings that you have allowed for the AppGyver preview to use your location?