Geolocation stop working after Appgyver update

Hello Appgyver Team, at the beginning of this (unusual) year I started ti develop a test application in order to obtain (and understand) GPS location. At that time It worked fine (except the GPS accuracy value). I’m not sure, but after I updated the Start/Stop Polling functions or the updated Appgyver platform, It stop working. I’m still using the same android smartphone with all permissions enabled for the Appgyver companion app and GPS sensor switched on. The application is very simple: on tap event It starts the polling and on tap event on another ui It gets the GPS Location. A page displays GPS informations on text labels. I’ve also checked the return error, but seems that the return values are undefined.
Where can I get a fully example to how get GPS coordinated and related informations ?
Thanks in advance
(and sorry for my bad english)

Hi @Ric_Developer, we also experienced issues here. We found updating from iOS 14.2 to 14.3 fixed this for iOS at least.

Hope this helps!

Thank you David, but unfortunately my smartphone is android (10) and your suggestion can’t help me. The behavior I don’t understand is that I don’t even get the error messages and I don’t know why it does not work.
Thank you again.

Hey @Ric_Developer,

Are you still having this issue? If you are, could you add a paragraph to your canvas and bind it to formula with ENCODE_JSON(sensorVars.geolocation) and send screenshot of the paragraph.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hello Kristian,
in this way It works. See the screenshot.

The question now is: why single values are not displayed in paragraphs ?
In the next screenshot how I set the contents

I think I understand what’s going on. Now the paragraph content must be converted or forced to a string.
I replaced sensorVars.geolocation.latestValue.latitude with STRING(sensorVars.geolocation.latestValue.latitude) or also with “value:” + sensorVars.geolocation.latestValue.latitude and It works.
@Kristian_Gerkman could you confirm this regression
I never worried about conversion type.
Thank you

@Ric_Developer, Yup that’s a regression. It should be fixed in the next update when it comes available! There has been some issues with formulas and objects and this issue goes into the same category.


Hello Kristian, could you check if this problem has been fixed in rel. 2.4.24 ?
I ask you because I still have the problem, even having rebuilt the application.
Thank you.

It seems that the issue persist in version 2.4.28. Is it ?
I found another workaround: It enough add a space at the end of the content "sensorVars.geolocation.latestValue.latitude " to force the conversion to a string. :flushed:
But that solution is not clear, immediate and documented (based on what I know).

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Hey @Ric_Developer, sorry about the delayed answer… Forgot to check up on this after the release I was referring to was released. The issue indeed still persists and will be fixed. You should be able to use the sensor vars as is, but for some reason they don’t work like normal numbers… For now you can use STRING(sensorVars.x.x.x) instead of adding space in the end. Thank you! :slight_smile: