Geolocation values, dont change

Is there any problem, with geolocation? because i cant get the values to change when moving, they only set once in the beginning and then they dont change.
and here is the gps logic

Are you on a web app? Make sure to use the flow item “Get Location for Web App”

Have you started the geolocation poller?

Actually not, i didnt know that the poller is a separate function i will test it now

youre right, but i cant understand the difference between the poller and the gps function.

I think the poller starts the device off collecting GPS reading every xx seconds, whereas the get value just reads the current value stored in the device. Don´t quote me :slight_smile:

(But you need both for sure).

yeah, thats what i thought but in the gps theres also the option for updated values, i dont know whats going on