Get authentication cookie and pass to appvariable

When logging in, an authentication cookie is generated, I am not able to get this cookie and pass it to the application variable.
I tried to use httprequest but the result comes as undefined passing the formula outputs[“HTTP request”].resHeaders[“Set-Cookie”]

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I need to get this cookie
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Hello @Julierme_Felix_Dias,
That’s by design and not possible from client side javascript due to security reasons.
You will need to fetch this cookie outside of SAP Appgyver.

You may further refer to this reply of mine: CSRF Token Validation - Appgyver to SAP S/4 - #8 by Piotr_Tesny

I hope that helps; kind regards; Piotr

PS. Overall, as a best practice it makes sense to implement all the security policy logic outside of Appgyver. I personally rely a lot on API Management proxies…