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I’m trying to use the take photo flow to upload a photo to an Airtable record. Everything with the upload seems to work properly, but the downloadUrl I get from the “Get Bucket Download URLs” tells me that the “XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it.” No part of the flow is throwing any errors that I can see. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi! Sorry for the belated answer. So the image is correctly uploaded to Airtable as far as you can see? So is it that you do get an URL into your page variable, but displaying it in an image component on the page does not work?

No need for apologies! The image is not uploading to Airtable. The URL I’m getting into the page variable opens to the below error and not to the photo. I’m not sure if I’m uploading incorrectly or using the wrong formula to get the download URL.

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I thought Airtable doesnt let you upload attachment files (such as images). Did this change?

I guess it changed? I’ve only recently been playing with Airtable for this project.

I’m hopefully understanding the flow properly; I believe I’m uploading the image to the AG bucket, trying to get a download URL, and use that download URL to add the attachment through the Airtable API.

When creating an attachment, url is required, and filename is optional. Airtable will download the file at the given url and keep its own copy of it. All other attachment object properties will be generated server-side soon afterward. (From Airtable API docs)

If I manually put in an image URL into the attachment field and create record, Airtable is making its own copy of the image successfully. Hopefully that makes sense.

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Oh yea I see what youre doing now. Youre not really uploading the file to Airtable, youre just setting the URL there of where the file actually is. Airtable then apparently makes local copies of that for itself.

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Hi Eric,

Can you show me how did you successfully send the URL of the picture to the field attachment on airtable?
When I got the schema from the airtable, the attachment schema is a list of objects as the picture below, that contains the filename, id, URL, size, type, and thumbnails.
I am trying to update a record that already has an image on it and the two ways that I tried failed in different ways:

  • If I inform the picture id and add a new URL, nothing happens. The record is updated, but the attachment remains the same one that was already there, and not the one of the URL that I informed.
  • If I clear the picture id or inform any other thing on that field, I get a 422 server error.

How did you manage to create a record with an attachment? Did you inform the picture id, did you leave it empty or how?