Get Collection looping endlessly during runtime

I’ve a repeating container which is directly bound to a REST API data resource.

My flow logic is as follows:

on page mount → get record collection → alert (on error path)

There is only one page in this project. On launching in preview, the page never loads. After looking into debugger, I observed that in addition to “get record collection”, “delay” and “set data variable is also triggered”. The functions are triggered every six seconds endlessly.

Not being able to solve this puzzle, although I’ve created this functionality successfully in another project and actually copied the configurations.

Any help would be appreciated.

ps: I checked the variables in debugger and found the data is correctly fetched from the API.

Flow functions

Perhaps this is due to the logic attached to your data variable for this page. By default, the logic for data variables is that it does a GET RECORD COLLECTION and SET DATA VARIABLE every 5 seconds. Sounds pretty close to what you are seeing. You can modify this logic or remove it entirely if you want to manage fetching the data yourself.

Although that wouldn’t explain why your page isn’t loading. Maybe that’s due to some different problem.

Your replies perfectly explains my situation. I discovered that the page mount logic is redundant in 2 different places. Was not sure if I could remove the logic from data variable definition, as it worked perfectly in a few other projects (without me noticing it). I removed the delay on success of fetch record and the loop stops. I also observed that removing the logic from data variables doesn’t fetch list in my other projects.

Still struggling to resolve the display issue.