Get Current User not working?

I have firebase authorization turned on in my app. However, the component Get Current User (Firebase Auth) never returns any information. Is there a problem with the component or something stupid I am doing. The operation always fails and the third output is always triggered from the Get Current User. Thanks for the help.

Hi, would it help to add a small delay before the flow function runs? The flow might be getting called before ā€œInitialize Firebaseā€, which results in an error.

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Thanks for the help. I added a delay but I still get the error. Does it matter what page I use the flow function on? I would think it should work from any page in the app.

Thanks. Works even for me. Would be better if Firebase initialize flow is set before Get current user in this Firebase authentication flow?

Actually, its best to initialize firebase by the time the app launches, in the global canvas

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