Get Device Token question

I have noticed that the token returned from ‘Get Firebase Device Token’ and the old ‘Get Device Token’ are the same. Is there a particular reason why we should be using ‘Get Firebase Device Token’ instead of the old function for Firebase? Im asking because I cant get the newer ‘Get Firebase Device Token’ to generate a token for IOS devices from the app binary uploaded to the App Store, but the older function never had any problems.

Hi @JOHN_WORSHAM, my understanding is that the “Get Device Token” flow function generates an APNS token on iOS (non-compatible with Firebase) and a FCM token on Android, while the “Get Firebase Device Token” returns an FCM token on both. Further reading:

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@Mari Thanks! Using the info from:

Using their cURL example I created an ‘HTTP Request’ flow to get the FCM token from the APNS token that ‘Get Device Token’ outputs. It works great.

This might solve the problem. Ill know for sure after I get the update uploaded to App Store.

If you have an IPhone you can help me test this and install my app. Save profile with Notifications Enabled and let me know so I can check the database for your token.

Hi @JOHN_WORSHAM, I just saved a profile in the app with the notifications enabled

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YES!! It worked!

Awesome!! Got the notification that you added me as a friend :slight_smile:

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Pinging @Jaroslav_Krajca here if you could also get help from the article I linked above :point_up_2:

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So you received the Notification on your phone? That is great news! Maybe let the Devs know that were working on this Bug Tracker issue how I fixed it. Thanks to your help!


To illustrate this flow for whoever wants to know how i do it:

It starts with ‘Get Device Token’ to get the APNS token if device is ‘ios’, and if ‘ios’ it does the ‘HTTP POST Request’ to the FCM server thats converts APNS token:

HTTP Request URL

HTTP Request Header (where the FCM server key goes):

HTTP Request Body (as a JSON formula, note I just use the Output of ‘Get Device Token’ for the APNS token field but it has to be in a List format):

And capturing the FCMS Token Output (is returned as an list/array so for just 1 token the record i want is always at index 0. Ignore the warning, it doesn’t know the data im reading “.registration_token” is just text data):

And that gives me the FCM-compliant IOS Push Notification token I need.