Get File/Directory info - fileNotFound


I’m trying to do lookup on a folder and list it’s content or get some information about the folder or a file, therefore I installed the “Get File/Directory info” flow from marketplace.
When I run this, does not matter with what input path I always get a “fileNotFound” exception.
I have now tried the following strings as input for the “Get File/Directory info” flow:


All do not work and give me errors like this:

{3 items
"message":string"No file found at "file:///storage/emulated/0/Pictures"."
"rawError":{3 items
"rawError":string"failed to stat path `"file:///storage/emulated/0/Pictures"` because it does not exist or it is not a folder"

Now I’m clueless and I even think my phone has some problem, I tried this on Android Version 11 on 2 different phones (Oneplus Nord & Oneplus 7 T)

The appgyver preview app has permissions to acces the media storage - according to android app permission settings - there is nothing more I can give to this app regarding storage/folders/files.

What am I doing wrong? Or is this broken?
Thanks in advance!

Try removing the formula. Simply bind it to the folder you want to get. Read the docs about the formula:

The input of this is NOT a JSON object, but a filesystem path. Which you wrap into an ENCODE_JSON() formula… No need for that.

Could you give an example?