Get firebase device token - no output

Hey there, is anyone experiencing this weird bug, where the device token is not returned from this node? It used to work a week or two ago.

The first output is not outputted as there is no device token and the second output should return an error message, however, it only returns an empty alert.

Hi, what platform are you experiencing this bug on? I couldn’t reproduce it on iOS

It does happen on iOS. We do have a node Get firebase device token in place when the user clicks Sign Up and also Log In, both acting the same. 2nd output returns an empty alert. Testing it always on the TestFlight.

Okay, does this occur only in the built app or also in preview?

It does work in the preview. However, when I build the app it does not work in the TestFlight (it used to tho)

Okay, thanks for the info! We’ll look into it.

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Apparently, it does work on Android but still got the issue on iOS. I have tried to build the app in the older build 3.1.X, but with the same result, 2nd output return an empty alert.

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Thanks for the additional info!

@Mari Hey Mari, any update on this, please? :slight_smile:

Hey, sorry for dropping the ball on the follow-up! Our developers built their own iOS tester app with Firebase and everything is working as expected for them. Would you be able to get more insights to the error from your device log?

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