Get launch url of AppGyver

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we need to hand over url parameters when launching appgyver as a web app from another application via the url.

For example our url would look like this:

Now we found this which helped us to read the parameters from an url which works fine:

But we cannot find any explanation how to get the url itself meaning:

We tried both system variable:


But no success… They seem to be always “undefined” when we do the preview of our web app.

Any help to get the url would be very appreciated!


Any ideas if this is possible? It does not sound such an unusual requirement to hand over some parameter via an url to a web app or? Thanks Jens!

We found the solution.

I found the solution.

So the question was how can we access URL parameters within an Appgyver web application.

Let’s say this is the URL we use to open the Appgyver app: AppGyver

We want to get access to the value (1234) of parameter TaskID and use that value in the Appgyver app.

In this case we have to create a new “Page Parameter” with the exact same syntax as the parameter in the URL.

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Hi and thank you so much for this solution, I only have one question, does this work only for the url of the first page(the one opened when the app is launched) because in my case if i try to use the url of an other page(even without any parameter), it shows an error as shown bellow.

Hi Jens,
I got a similar scenario, with even more than 1 parameter. My question is: What do you mean by “exact same syntax as the parameter in the URL”? The parameter should be TaskID and not taskid for example?
BTW: Our web app has one page only resp. it’s the start page which will use the value…
Or do I have to set the page parameter on the global canvas?
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I just tried adding ?JobID to our preview URL and it worked fine (I’d also added a JobID text box bound to the JobID parameter).
The parameter should be defined on the page itself, not on the global canvas.
Your input was really valuable!
I’m confident it will also work in the standalone app.

Hi @Bertrand_Gillert because you work with page parameters, i suggest you take a look here

so you know if the same problem happens to you, i would appreciate any test you make in order to confirm the bug and then maybe vote here to be resolved.