Get possible values when adding record to Xano database

Hello everyone, I am a fairly new AppGyver and Xano user. My aim is to add a record to a Xano database which among the various fields has two lists of pre-set values (enum). Is there a way to access these values through an API directly on AppGyver? In other words, can I access to these metadata about Xano databases through AppGyver?
I find unconvenient and not very robust to just create a list on AppGyver since these values be a lot and change over time.

It’s possible but not the way you have it set up in your backend. An Enum is not a list that can be displayed, it’s a list of values for selection purposes.

If you want to create a list you create each item as an independent record as I have below for a list of languages:

When you call the API, you can use the ‘repeat with’ function for your text or other content and set it to repeat with the database you are calling from Xano.

below I have it repeating with a database I made called ‘attributes’


Thank you very much, this is a nice workaround. So one can’t access to the possible values of the Enum? It’d much easier.

No, that’s simply not the purpose of an Enum. An enum is simply possible values the API will accept when writing to the database. If you wanted to have a list, within the same database, you would create an object type field and set its type to list. Within that object, you can create individual records much like you would in your main database. Thereafter you can use the repeating list as previously mentioned, but within the same database.

Below you see I’m repeating the data with the highlighted ‘list of objects’ that exists within the main database.